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Restaurant The Harbour Club returns to The Hague

Nov 25, 2019

Restaurant The Harbour Club is coming back to The Hague after an absence of several years. They left Scheveningen three years ago, opening a new establishment on the top floor of BINK36 early next year.

?BINK36 felt right from moment one,? says Joost Verhoeven, one of the owners of The Harbour Club. When this restaurant left the harbor of Scheveningen three years ago, it had never been the entrepreneurs' intention to leave the court city permanently. And after a conversation about BINK36, the old PTT building along the railroad that serves as a business gathering place, among other things, they did not have to think long.

?If you go upstairs in this office building, you can immediately create the real Harbour Club feeling. A great place, a beautiful historic building, with a view of The Hague's skyline. You can see all the famous landmark buildings,? "said Verhoeven. ?We want to give visitors an almost un-Dutch wow feeling. You step into the elevator and you step out again in another world.?

On the Dr. Lelykade in the harbor, the entrepreneurs ? without a major renovation ? no longer saw an opportunity to offer that feeling. ?In good conversation with entrepreneur Allie Simonis, a takeover then came about, ? says Verhoeven. Encore by Simonis moved into the building and The Harbour Club meanwhile focused on their other establishments in Amsterdam (two), Rotterdam and Vinkeveen.

New location of The Harbour Club

The new location in the Binckhorst is a place that suits The Harbour Club well, Verhoeven said. ?It is a neighborhood that is developing, it is close to the highway and it is a building with charisma and allure.?

The entrepreneurs want the Hague branch to have the same look and feel as the main branch in Amsterdam East. A large open space, a bar in the middle, an open kitchen and a walk-in wine closet. The eye-catcher is a thirteen-meter-long shark. ?Characteristic of each branch,? says Verhoeven. There will be, including a covered conservatory, more than four hundred seats. In summer, there will also be an outdoor terrace.

Menu card

The restaurant's menu is dialed in on meat and fish. Lots of choice, sometimes with an Asian twist. Vegan meals are also among the options: the chefs make them off the menu. In addition to food, music plays an important role in the experience at The Harbour Club, Verhoeven says. ?There is always some form of entertainment. We want people to be able to spend an entire evening with us."?

Important, because BINK36 is not ?middle-middle? in the city. ?We expect people to come from the city, but also that people from villages and towns around it know how to find us.'' There are free parking spots next to the building. ?We are going to make a lot of fanfare and let people know we are there. We are confident that it will succeed, "said Verhoeven.

The Harbour Club expects to open its doors in February. Rooftop bar Bink36, which is now upstairs in the building, will remain open until the end of this year.

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