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The Harbour Club expands vegetarian offerings with plant-based steak

Sep 1, 2022

The Harbour Club, with locations in Amsterdam, The Hague, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Vinkeveen has added Redefine Meat's Beef Bavette to their brand new menu. This makes the restaurant the third provider of the plant-based steak, which was launched in Amsterdam last November. The plant-based meat is made with a 3D printer and consists of vegetable proteins from soy or peas and vegetable oil.

This is the first time The Harbour Club has included plant-based meat on its menu. Chef Daniel van Ettinger explains, "For years we have had several vegetarian options on our menu, but always it was purely about dishes without meat or fish. Because we only work with the best products at The Harbour Club, plant-based meat was not an option for a long time, but Redefine Meat's steak has changed all that. From the texture to the taste, everything is right. It is indistinguishable from animal meat.? The Harbour Club prepares the Redefine Beef Bavette with sweet and sour vegetables and truffle teriyaki. It is cooked sous vide and then finished on the barbecue.

The Harbour Club 10 Years
In addition to the new steak, the restaurant has added some 25 other new dishes to its menu. For example, in honor of The Harbour Club's 10th anniversary, several old dishes are returning and the selection of lunch dishes has been expanded. ?What many people forget is that each branch of The Harbour Club is the perfect place for both a quick and extended lunch. In addition to our special lunch dishes, you can also order any other dishes from the menu during lunch. From a caesar salad to sushi and caviar, there is something for everyone and every occasion, says Chef van Ettinger.

New menu now available
The Harbour Club's complete new menu can be found at theharbourclub.com/menu and goes into effect today at all of the restaurant's locations. A reservation can be made online at theharbourclub.com/reservation.