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Vacancy: Food runner Eindhoven

In the food runner position at The Harbour Club, you will fulfill an assisting role by supporting both the kitchen and area runners during service. Your work will include running dishes out to guests while explaining the relevant dish at the table. You will be under the direction of a pass head who will instruct and direct you.


Key Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Make sure you have a good knowledge of the menu and can explain dishes at the table
  • Good knowledge of the correct table numbers
  • Being fully aware of the concept of ?The Harbour Club?
  • Understanding the danger zone of food temperature
  • Knowledge of business rules and frameworks of the business formula

Quality control

  • Overseeing the proper presentation of dishes
  • Ensure food ordered by guests is served correctly according to The Harbour Club guidelines

Work on the floor

  • Serving guests by correctly serving the food ordered according to guidelines of The Harbour Club
  • Providing mise en place and preparatory work of the pass with associated tasks such as replenishing tapenades, cutting butter and the like
  • Responsible for properly polishing cutlery and storing it in the correct commodes
  • Informing the pass head or manager if problems have arisen with dishes running out

Other work

  • Opening and closing you service using the checklists provided for this purpose
  • Helping to set up, clear and clean tables
  • Recording and reporting to management any equipment failures and or safety hazards
  • Reporting any missing products in inventory management
  • Assists in setting up rooms, receptions and parties and assists in the execution of these parties
  • Clearing and cleaning of public and work areas
  • Assists and/or completes additional business assigned by management

In addition to the above job requirements, the following competencies are highly valued:

  • Anticipatory capacity
  • Communication skills
  • Team Player
  • Productivity
  • Proactive result and solution-oriented attitude
  • Involvement
  • Flexibility
  • Hospitality
  • Perseverance
  • Representative appearance

Work experience

  • Minimum of two years of hospitality experience
  • MBO level 1 working and thinking level;
  • Understanding of safety and social hygiene regulations
  • Minimum age 17 years old


  • Ability to communicate effectively and assertively in both Dutch and English languages
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • Ensures the quality of service and hospitality to which our guests are accustomed
  • Ability to listen empathetically and always be respectful
  • Ability to stay calm and stay focused
  • Ability to work in a team, stay organized
  • Ability to move through the restaurant effectively and efficiently
  • Provide a professional, neat and tidy appearance that meets company standards


Growth opportunities

Of course, there is an opportunity to advance to district runner as a food runner. By first spending a period as a food runner gaining menu knowledge and experience in practice, the step to a district runner will be much easier.



The Harbour Club's goal is crystal clear: Every guest should leave the restaurant 100% satisfied and looking back on his/her visit with pleasure. This is achieved with the help of more than four hundred inspired employees. Service with a genuine smile! Whichever restaurant or event you choose, The Harbour Club stands for quality and hospitality.



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