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Vacancy: Chef Eindhoven

The Head Chef manages all staff in the kitchen and reports to the owners. You will be responsible for the daily care of the kitchen in all respects. The Head Chef is ultimately responsible for the preparation of the dishes, directing the entire kitchen brigade and making a significant mark on the culinary level of the restaurant. The position involves participating in operational and strategic planning and creating the annual budget. The Head Chef ensures that the objectives set in consultation are achieved. As Head Chef you will form a close team with the manager, owner and employees. A very high degree of independence and professional ability is required.


Key Responsibilities and Duties:


  • Excellent knowledge of products/ingredients and menu composition
  • Demonstrated knowledge of all cooking techniques
  • Knowledge of sourcing daily fresh produce/ingredients
  • Creative interpretation kitchen concept
  • Keeping up with developments and trends in the market regarding raw materials, composition of dishes, cooking techniques, etc.
  • Knowledge of business rules, guidelines and relevant laws and regulations, (financial) know-how and control data.
  • High taste technical quality of cuisine
  • Professional approach and set-up of cooking systems.

Quality control

  • Checks products and performs kitchen administration
  • Assess quality of products/ingredients to be used (freshness, shelf life, etc.), prepare tools
  • Execution of preparations, monitoring/checking quality, doneness, taste, color, fluidity etc. and making adjustments/additions;
  • Standardize recipe and quality monitoring
  • Supervising the work of the helper(s), giving directions and instructions;
  • Ensuring compliance with safety, health and safety, HACCP and work and presentation (house style) regulations.
  • Drawing up shift and work schedules and arranging for sufficient staffing (part-timers, on-call workers), classifying and assigning work, (having) instructions/instructions given, monitoring progress
  • Supervision of skilled personnel
  • Financial and numerical understanding
  • Monitor culinary level of the restaurant
  • Enforce control systems
  • Procurement and cost monitoring
  • Purchasing/calling for needed products and ingredients
  • Have control of raw materials received and stored
  • Ensure the presence and availability of resources and equipment
  • Engaging outside parties on behalf of curative and preventive maintenance within agreed conditions

Work on the floor

  • Managing the kitchen brigade, from the sous chef to chef de parti, apprentice cooks and stewarding
  • Classify and assign work, give directions and instructions, and monitor progress.
  • Performing à la minute cooking tasks
  • Ensure efficient working methods and procedures and their instruction to employees
  • Perform and manage several work processes simultaneously
  • Follow-up dietary prescriptions
  • Coach, mentor and inspire employees to work together to get the best out of the team.
  • Monitor culinary level of the restaurant
  • Actively participate in the cooking process
  • Continuously adjust and optimize existing processes

Other work

  • Scheduling daily operations and ordering food and other stock replenishments from regular suppliers
  • Instructs and supervises learning employees
  • Developing proposals into recipe instructions
  • Check packing slips, prices and invoices suppliers
  • Supervises and coaches learning employees in his development
  • Assign responsibilities, roles and/or project coordination regarding scheduling, rostering, staff deployment
  • Provide advance control of time completion and task performance
  • Preparation of transparent work schedule, work assignments and hourly schedules
  • Holding performance and evaluation interviews
  • Ensuring a good working environment
  • Motivate and encourage engagement
  • Estimate expected sales, plan quantities of products to be prepared
  • Following up and controlling cleaning

In addition to the above job requirements, the following competencies are highly valued:


Innovation focused

  • Is fascinated to keep trying new ideas
  • Smells opportunities has urge to act on them
  • Sees and seeks opportunities to do things differently or better



  • Seeks challenges in devising new practices, products, etc.
  • Comes up with ideas that show great imagination
  • Knows how to translate trends and developments into substantially new products/services



  • Corrects immediately if requirements are not met
  • Solicits feedback from guests about quality and service
  • Comes up with suggestions to do things better


Eye for detail

  • Is thorough, checks own work and that of others
  • Is orderly and works orderly, including when transferring work
  • Works according to established procedures, performs necessary checks.


Stress resistant

  • Remains calm under difficult circumstances or high work pressure
  • Recovers quickly after setback or disappointment
  • Stays focused even under pressure.

Work experience

  • Minimum of 5 years of managerial experience in hospitality industry as head chef
  • Experience in the organization of a professional kitchen, knowledge of guidelines and relevant laws and regulations
  • HBO working and thinking level
  • Strong vision for hospitality and restaurant business
  • Possession of certificate in social hygiene, apprenticeship and company emergency response
  • Good fluency in the Dutch and English languages
  • Representative, innovative and performance-oriented.