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Vacancy: Hostess Eindhoven

As a hostess, you are the face of The Harbour Club. You welcome and receive guests with a warm and welcoming smile, and it's up to you to get them excited. Your greeting is the guest's first impression of our restaurant. As a hostess, you make sure that all guests feel wanted and appreciated from the moment they enter until the moment they leave the restaurant again.


Key Responsibilities and Duties:  


  • Make sure you act as an ambassador for The Harbour Club by accurately providing guests with accurate information regarding events, menus, prices and the like
  • Good knowledge of the correct table numbers
  • Being fully aware of the concept of ?The Harbour Club?
  • Knowledge of business rules and frameworks of the business formula
  • The Inform guests of daily operations and upcoming events

Quality control

  • Makes every guest feel wanted and appreciated from the first moment they step through our front door
  • Opening and starting up the restaurant (lighting candles, mood lighting, restroom check, etc )
  • Provide a neat, organized environment at the front of the house
  • Anticipates and responds thoughtfully to signals from guests
  • Compliance with safety, occupational health and safety, HACCP regulations
  • Ensures a professional, neat and tidy appearance that meets company standards
  • Records and reports all equipment defects and or safety hazards immediately to management.
  • Reports any missing products in inventory management

Work on the floor

  • Greeting and welcoming guests immediately upon entry and using their names whenever possible
  • Answering and answering the phone according to The Harbour Club guidelines
  • Making reservations according to The Harbour Club guidelines
  • Maintaining the reservation system and directing where necessary
  • Maintain an overview and communicate to guests when their table is available
  • Transferring accounts and bar tables into the cash register system
  • Taking and properly directing reservations to possibly early and- or late seating
  • Creating a correct table layout and keeping in mind which table are free and could possibly be double occupied
  • Maintain reservation overview and direct where necessary
  • Escort guests to the bar or assigned table
  • Taking custody of coats, bags and/or luggage
  • Greeting departing guests
  • Clearing and laying out required tables

Other work

  • Receiving and/or handing and assisting in putting on the guest's coat
  • Maintaining and answering mail
  • Proper registration of batch and group requests and their handling to Sales
  • Providing general information, noting and relaying messages
  • Tidying, cleaning and maintaining cleanliness of public areas and work areas
  • Keeping the reception area and service desk neat and clean
  • Supporting colleagues in various tasks
  • Opening and closing the company using the checklists provided for this purpose
  • Ensures daily, weekly checklists are checked and closure tasks are completed
  • Assists and/or completes additional business assigned by management

In addition to the above job requirements, the following competencies are highly valued:

  • Anticipatory capacity
  • Social and communication skills
  • Service attitude
  • Stress resistant
  • Hospitality
  • Solution-oriented
  • Team Player
  • Productivity
  • Proactive result and solution-oriented attitude
  • Involvement
  • Flexibility
  • Notable
  • Representative appearance

Work experience

  • At least two years of similar hospitality experience as a hostess
  • MBO level 3 working and thinking level;
  • Understanding of safety and social hygiene regulations
  • Minimum age 17 years old


  • Ability to communicate effectively and assertively in both Dutch and English languages
  • Team player with good communication skills
  • Ensures the quality of service and hospitality to which our guests are accustomed
  • Ability to listen empathetically and always be respectful
  • Ability to stay calm and stay focused
  • Ability to work in a team, stay organized
  • Ability to move through the restaurant effectively and efficiently
  • Provide a professional, neat and tidy appearance that meets company standards.



The Harbour Club's goal is crystal clear: Every guest should leave the restaurant 100% satisfied and looking back on his/her visit with pleasure. This is achieved with the help of more than four hundred inspired employees. Service with a genuine smile! Whichever restaurant or event you choose, The Harbour Club stands for quality and hospitality.



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